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'Power of Video' Shows Wedding Video Industry Growing Stronger
April 16, 2007

Sarasota, FL - Showing the wedding video industry growing ever stronger are the positive results materializing from the 2-year strategic outreach, sponsored by Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA), that has been developed and led by dedicated WEVA Committee leaders.

"It’s working! It’s taken time, but it’s exciting to see WEVA’s coordinated outreach already making progress for our industry right at the grass roots level," said Kris Malandruccolo Chairperson of the WEVA Public Relations Committee, past president of the Illinois Videographers Association (IVA), and owner of Elegant Videos by Kris (Carol Stream, IL). The committee's PowerPoint presentation showcasing the value of professional videography continues to draw rave reviews across the USA.

"The Power of Video" reached Minneapolis, MN on March 19 garnering kudos from the Minnesota Professional Videographers Association (MPVA) pictured here, and local bridal industry leaders. Presented at the MPVA monthly meeting by Malandruccolo, "The Power of Video" was developed to educate audiences using examples from WEVA Creative Excellence Award-winning wedding videos, and demonstrate how all bridal industry affiliates can use professional video to promote their businesses.

Profound Impact on Videographers & Bridal Consultants

"Kris’ presentation on 'The Power of Video' was very powerful and emotional. I heard lots of great comments from our membership," said MPVA Chairman John Deyo. "The variety of video that was presented was great. The audience could really get a good understanding of the various kinds of video through her use of so many great samples. The audience felt a really good connection to Kris and the message of the presentation. The MPVA is extremely grateful to WEVA for making it possible for Kris to share her presentation with our members and our industry affiliates."

After watching the presentation, bridal consultant and owner of By Your Side Weddings, Angie Swit, related, "Couples today are looking for more than just straight video footage of their wedding day. Today‘s couples are hi-tech, computer-savvy people and they want a professional hi-tech video. From ‘The Power of Video’ presented by Kris, I saw innovative ways to introduce the wedding party, how to present still photo montages in a new 3-dimensional way, and how the right choice of music for a scene can truly trigger an emotional response from viewers." Videon Productions' Terri Kurita noted that, "Kris’ presentation resulted in one of the largest meetings MPVA has had to date. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the room and 'The Power of Video’ was an excellent way for WEVA to showcase our skills as videographers."

Sher’ron Brown, an event planner and owner of The Carriage House who was in attendance said, “Kris’ presentation offered wedding consultants tools on how to demonstrate different ways videography can be used. I learned information on ways to not only showcase my work, but how to guide a bride’s decision as to the type of videography style that’s best for her.”

Ken Kurita, past Chairman of the MPVA adds, "Kris’ presentation of 'The Power of Video’ resulted in an invitation for MPVA to deliver this inspiring presentation to the Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter of the Association of Bridal Consultants on April 17th. We couldn’t be more pleased." Jordan Simkins of Zoom Productions states, "I left the meeting with plenty of fresh ideas from Kris’ presentation. I especially enjoyed seeing the 60-second wedding video TV Commercials that had been produced by local associations for WEVA EXPO’s ‘Battle of the Videographers.’ Kris let our MPVA membership know that WEVA is once again hosting this creative competition between local associations for WEVA EXPO 2007." BJ Video Productions' Buckwheat Johnson said, "I drove three hours to hear ‘The Power of Video.’ Kris’ presentation was thorough and very encompassing for any videographer whether in a large city or in a small town."

How it Got Started

The WEVA PR Committee, which in addition to Malandruccolo, includes Al Ritondo, Personal Touch Video (NJ); Natalie Neal, Glass Slipper Productions (PA); and Mike Nelson, Remember When Video Productions (UT), has spent the better part of two years developing new and innovative outreach programs that either directly benefit the WEVA membership, or are meant to promote the wedding and event industry to the wedding industry at large.

In Phase I of their strategic initiative, the WEVA PR Committee set out to bolster the marketing abilities of fellow WEVA members by creating an exclusive step-by-step program for developing relationships with local wedding planners. This ground-breaking industry networking initiative called, "Take a Bridal Consultant to Lunch" launched in the winter of 2005 and explained step-by-step how to find, contact, and arrange informative meetings with local planners.

The committee’s special "Lunch Kit" included contact lists, phone scripts, wedding video presentation tips, and conversation starters. The innovative kit also included important wedding video research from WEVA’s Nationwide Survey of Brides and other background materials members could use to help further educate consultants and their clients on the value of professional wedding videography.

Phase II was timed by the PR Committee to kick off with the start of the new wedding season in January 2006, and included development of "The Power of Video & How to Get More Business Using It" a new video PowerPoint presentation aimed at wedding industry businesses such as caterers, florists, DJs, consultants, and others. In the past year, Malandruccolo and members of the PR Committee have been on the road presenting “The Power of Video” to numerous organizations nationwide. In November, Kris traveled to Colorado for two events, including a presentation to the Colorado Professional Videographers Association (CoPVA).

Over the past several months, "The Power of Video" has also been presented to local videographers associations in New York City, Connecticut, and Florida by WEVA Wedding & Event Videography Hall of Fame inductees Al and Kathy Ritondo, recipients of the 2006 WEVA Walter Bennett Service to Industry Award and owners of Personal Touch Video (NJ), whose popular WEVA podcasts cover local association developments.

"At each local meeting, wedding and event videographers were inspired by the WEVA Creative Excellence Award-winning videos displayed, and excited to learn how WEVA's new educational initiatives have been working collectively to raise awareness of the impact of video, and the high quality of work being delivered by WEVA members around the country,” said John Zale WEVA's Director of Educational Development.

Coming Up

"The Power of Video" will be delivered by MPVA Chairman and WEVA member John Deyo to the Association of Bridal Consultants in Minneapolis/St. Paul on April 17, and by Malandruccolo at the upcoming 9th Annual Association for Wedding Professionals, International (AFWPI) convention in Ventura, CA April 22-25, 2007. The AFWPI convention is open to all wedding professionals, including videographers, and registration/seminar information can be found by visiting AFWPI online.

WEVA's "Power of Video" presentations are continuing through 2007. If your local organization is interested in seeing this inspiring program, contact Kris Malandruccolo at Kris@ElegantVideosbyKris.com or Dan Argenas WEVA Director of Association Communications at da@weva.com. WEVA Industry News is a service of WEVA International.

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