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WEVA NEWS MINUTE: Focus Enhancements' DTE Units
November 08, 2005

Campbell, CA - The steady market penetration of HD, coupled with the need for editing efficiency has videographers asking about the advantages and challenges of using new portable Direct-to-Edit technology for increased record time on-location and decreased edit workload in the studio.

Products like Focus Enhancements' new FS-4 HD DTE recorders offer tapeless acquisition solutions wedding & event videographers have been discussing since encountering the FS-4 at WEVA EXPO 2005.

At the EXPO, Focus Enhancement’s Mark D'Addio explained to WEVA NEWS MINUTE producer Bruce Himmelblau key elements of their DTE recorders, including new features like “retro-cache” recording -- now available for up to 10 seconds (on FS-4Pro HD). To watch
Click Here! (Allow for QuickTime download.)

The new FS-4 HD delivers HD and DV acquisition solutions that allow you to record from your camera direct to disk via FireWire. FireStore then connects to Mac/Windows-based editing systems, so you can edit content directly from the FS-4 HD, eliminating time needed for capturing. No file transfer, and no file conversion are needed either.

Users can choose from the most popular NLE file formats. including standard definition Avid OMF, Canopus AVI, Matrox AVI and more, as well as high definition 720p or 1080i MPEG2 transport streams (.m2t).

The new FS-4 HD DTE recorders feature a 40GB (3-hour) internal disk drive and the FS-4Pro HD recorders offer an optional 80GB (6-hour) internal disk drive, all in a small, shockproof chassis. FS-4 HD recorders weigh only about one pound including the battery, and are 1.5-inches thin.

You can mount the unit to your camcorder using the optional hot-shoe clip-on adapter or attach it directly to your belt. The FS-4 HD features a removable Li-Ion battery pack, sixteen front panel buttons with VTR-like controls, a back-lit status LCD display, multiple control modes, a six second retro-cache, user definable function keys, extensive playback features and support for HDV and DV25 based DTE.

The FS-4Pro HD offers the same feature set as FS-4 HD, but also includes up to ten seconds of retro-cache, retro disk, loop record, user definable folders for scene marking, and support for additional DV25 DTE technology file formats including Avid DV-OMF and Pinnacle AVI.

FireStore FS-4 HD, FS-4Pro HD 40GB and FS-4Pro HD 80GB recorders are available through the worldwide FOCUS Enhancements dealer and distributor networks at a cost of $999, $1,395 and $1,795, respectively. FireStore FS-4 SD models are upgradeable to HD in the field by purchasing a simple download for $299.

For more information go to:
Focus Enhancements

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