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All-New 'Wedding Video Studio That Sells!' Opens January 31
January 11, 2008

Sarasota, FL - “The Wedding Video Studio That Sells!” WEVA’s original and unique trade show display has been redesigned as a full-blown, 1,500 sq. foot walk-through pavilion that will be unveiled for the first time at WEVA's Wide World of Weddings & Events at PMA 08 – the largest and most innovative winter convention and trade show for professional videographers, Jan.29-Feb. 2 in Las Vegas, NV.


"You will see The Studio That Sells! only at WEVA's winter convention this month. It’s the one event where videographers will actually experience the exciting future of professional wedding videography and the entire digital memories industry--today!" said John Zale WEVA’s Director of Educational Development.

"The incredible synergy between digital video and digital imaging technologies has created fantastic new profit opportunities for everyone in professional event videography. Rather than ignoring these amazing new developments, cool new products, brand new technologies and new techniques, WEVA and PMA have enabled an exciting new way for videographers to come and explore them now - and be on the cutting-edge of wedding videography this season, not at the tail-end."

Early-bird discount registration for WEVA's Wide World of Weddings & Events is available through mid-January at www.weva.com/convention (just $199 for WEVA members). Full-admission to all WEVA conference sessions (Jan. 29-Jan. 31) and Trade Show with over 600 exhibitors (Jan. 31-Feb. 2), including The Studio That Sells! is available to all industry professionals, with one-day WEVA Conference Session admission and Trade Show-only passes also available.

The Wedding Video Studio That Sells! will model the headquarters of a contemporary videography business outfitted with new digital video and imaging products installed for creativity in a speedy workflow environment, and crafted with a retail-inspired design for boosting bookings and sales.

"Walk through 'The Studio' and get new ideas for structuring your own work space for greater creativity and greater profits from every bride, every client you see. Brand new Digital Frames will be on the walls showing wedding video. Products in other Studio sections will demonstrate faster workflow in-action," said Zale. "New digital imaging products will even show how videographers can now turn their digital video still frames into cash profits – today!"


The Studio will feature 5 separate sections to show attendees new products in a working video environment – totally different from a "trade show booth" display. Sections for new products and new video profit centers in The Studio That Sells! will include:

* Demo Display & Sales Section

This section will showcase new HD display technology and profit-boosting specialty products that can be sold along with the video.

* PC Editing Suite (HD WorkFlow, Duplication, etc)

This section will present state-of-the-art workstations with the latest technology and products to maximize creativity and workflow for PC users.

* Mac Editing Suite (HD WorkFlow, Duplication, etc)

This section will present state-of-the-art workstations with the latest technology and products to maximize creativity and workflow for Mac users.

* Video Camera - Green Screen Production Section

Here attendees will be educated on new Shooting, Audio, and Green Screen set-ups for in-house production.

* Business Management Section

Attendees will see synchronized communication systems both office and mobile, data management, storage and retrieval systems, computer workstations, and ergonomic furniture for a comfortable working environment that streamlines and enhances production productivity. Also on display will be the new LicenseStream Program, a brand new IT benefit for WEVA members that will be officially announced at the convention.

An original WEVA concept, The Wedding Video Studio That Sells! has been expanded by WEVA and PMA to help professionals envision and formulate a precise plan on how to equip and organize their work space to take maximum advantage of new profit-making products, and new workflow, in today’s competitive marketplace.

For more information about WEVA's Wide World of Weddings & Events at PMA 08 visit www.weva.com/convention or email:info@weva.com. Plan now to come and see the future of professional videography--today!

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