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MPV Enrollment Application Now Available Online
August 05, 2004

Sarasota, FL - Enrollment for WEVA International’s new Merited Professional Videographer (MPV) accreditation program has opened on the WEVA website at www.weva.com (click on MPV Program). The anticipated application for the first MPV written exam, already set for August 16 at WEVA EXPO 2004, is now posted along with detailed information about the background and goals of the new program.

Daniel Krieger, Chairman of WEVA International's Continuing Education Committee, confirmed that the test will occur Monday, August 16, 2004 at 10:30 a.m. That is prior to the official opening of WEVA EXPO 2004, the world’s largest convention and trade show dedicated to professional videographers. The scheduling of the written exam flows from Krieger's official announcement of the establishment of the association's Merited Professional Videographer (MPV credential) program at last year's WEVA EXPO.

"Through the intense dedication and determination of our association's Continuing Education Committee, WEVA International has once again blazed a path for its members," said Chapman. "The MPV credential is designed to recognize the educational accomplishments and dedication of a WEVA Merited Professional Videographer who has proven his/her achievements under the auspices of the oldest and largest national/international trade association for professional wedding and event videographers."

"The WEVA Continuing Education Committee is pleased to make the MPV testing available to WEVA International members at this year's EXPO," said Krieger. "Through the MPV program, we believe that the committee has developed a tangible and comprehensive way for WEVA International members to demonstrate their dedication and commitment to their profession, their own businesses, and to their clients."

Krieger described the WEVA MPV accredited program as having been developed from relevant elements of nationally recognized university-level courses in television, video, and media production. He added that the WEVA MPV program is designed to reinforce video fundamentals, as well as the proper execution of those fundamentals. A written test and video submission form the basis of the evaluation. The entire MPV program is completely voluntary for WEVA International members, Krieger added.

The MPV program, he said, is not designed to evaluate an individual's creativity or artistry, as is the annual WEVA Creative Excellence Competition, but rather to enable core elements of professional video production to be elevated and enhanced, said Krieger. Elements of camera work and image composition, audio recording, video editing and post-production are covered in the MPV study materials, he related.

A long-time member of WEVA International, Krieger has also served on WEVA's Code of Ethics Committee and Public Relations Committee. He is also founder and president of the Association of Video Professionals (Mt. Sinai, NY) and a member of Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and other established trade associations.

"It's taken the WEVA Continuing Education Committee four long years of hard work to get to this point," Krieger added, noting the extensive contributions of the other WEVA members serving on the committee, including Rommie Sebo, Eric Cosh, Martin Verona, and Trisha Thompson. "As a result, I believe our membership at large will reap the benefits, whether they are a seasoned professional or a relative newcomer," he said.

Any WEVA International member who meets the minimum program criteria will be eligible to pursue the MPV status. In addition to passing the written test and video submission process, the applicant must be a current member of WEVA International, must be available to accept job assignments during the normal week, and must have been in the business of videography, or other related fields, for the two years immediately preceding their application for enrollment in the program.

WEVA International members are eligible to attain the MPV credential through a two-step process, which includes the written exam and video evaluation. The complete list of core study materials (and approximate costs) for the written exam includes the following:

1. Television Production Handbook 8th Edition, by Herbert Zettl ($87.95)
The following chapters pertain to the WEVA MPV program:
Chapter 3,4,6,7,8,9,9.1,10,10.1,10.2,11,12,13,14.

2. Television Production Workbook (Zettl-$25.95).

3. Zettl’s Video Lab 3.0 DVD ($106.77).

4. The Business of Wedding and Event Videography, by John Goolsby ($49).

The WEVA Continuing Education Committee estimates that it should take 20-30 hours to review and comprehend, the core curriculum. The study materials are available now through Amazon.com, as well as the Barnes & Noble website. The book by John Goolsby is available through http://www.cannonvideo.com.

In addition, the WEVA Continuing Education Committee suggests that MPV candidates study the following: Camera Command DVD ($149) available through http://cameracommand.easystorecreator.com.

The initial program application and enrollment fee of $100 "will help defray the costs of developing and administering the program, hosting and grading the exams, and maintaining the MPV program,” said Krieger.

"With extensive input from WEVA International members across the country, and the exhaustive contributions of the veteran videographers serving on the committee, the Merited Professional Videographer program represents an on-going commitment to professional development and the advancement of professional wedding and event videographers worldwide at the highest level," said Roy Chapman, Chairman of WEVA International.

Once a WEVA International member achieves MPV status, Krieger related that he/she must maintain it by continuing their professional development through attendance at a variety of educational programs over the course of five years. "The continuing education component is vital," said Krieger. "As with any professional association that emphasizes education, WEVA International wants Merited Professional Videographers to remain among the best educated in the industry."

While the initial testing will be done at WEVA EXPO 2004 this month, Krieger related that other venues for the written exam are already being considered. “Since WEVA EXPO is the largest gathering of professional wedding and event videographers worldwide, it was a natural place to begin the testing,” he said.

WEVA International is the largest non-profit trade association for professional wedding and event videographers. The association is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of wedding and event videographers worldwide through continuing education, technical support, group benefits, advocacy committees and professional development training. For more information regarding professional videography and WEVA International activities and membership, visit www.weva.com or contact the association office at 941-923-5334 or email info@weva.com.

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