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Welcome to this Members Only section.

Please Log-In using your WEVA Forums Username and Password to view these special Audio and Video On-Demand programs, created and made available exclusively to WEVA Members!

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Below are special WEVA On The Air podcasts from NAB 2009 and available outside the password protection... Enjoy!

NAB2009 Show 1

WEVA On the Air Executive Producers and Hosts Kathy and Al Ritondo record from the trade show floor. The first stop is with Sol Commencharo of Anton/Bauer who walks us through the exciting new products introduced at NAB and Anton/Bauer's new green solar chargers. Exciting things are coming down the pike for our industry from on camera lighting solutions, stabilization devises and of course power! Batteries, batteries and more batteries.

NAB2009 Show 2

Executive Producers and Hosts Kathy and Al Ritondo recorded the next show at NAB2009 from the Sony Booth, which seemed more like a city block. We talk to Brook Rudnick,who is the lastest receipent of the WEVA Ambassador award, President of the Greater Philadelphia Videographers Association, and a Sony ICE representative, about the cameras that they have for our market. Additionally we travel over to Sony Vegas to see what the new and exciting innovations in their NLE are.

NAB2009 Show 3

Executive Producers and Hosts Kathy and Al Ritondo talk to Alan Rupert of JVC about the new cameras for our market which seem to get smaller and smaller ever year, as well as, the extremely affordable media that accompanies the introduction. These cameras are being made with wings they are flying off the shelves so fast!

NAB2009 Show 4

In another special presentation of WEVA On the Air recorded at NAB 2009 Executive Producers Kathy and Al Ritondo were able to podcast the WEVA Monday evening get together which was sponsored by Grass Valley, Canon and Adobe. Part 1 begins with an introduction to WEVA by John Zale the Director of Education on the benefits of WEVA membership. We continue with the importance of Local Association in professional development by Brooke Rudnick and the first of the evenings sponsors Mr. Mike Downey of Grass Valley discussing the upgrades to the Edius software.

NAB2009 Show 5

Welcome back to the special presentation of WEVA On the Air recorded at NAB 09. We are continuing on to part 2 of a 3 part series recorded at the WEVA get together. This session John Zale, the Director of Education continues to describe the many benefits of WEVA membership. WEVA Hall of Fame Inductee and Bob LeBar Vision Award winner Tim Sudall describes how his WEVA membership and Expo attendance has helped him grow his business and his career. Al Ritondo of the WEVA Public Relations committee describes what the committee has done for WEVA members. Finally, the next sponsor, Canon has Paul McAniff introduce what Canon brings to the Wedding and Event Industry in their hot new products offered at NAB and their amazing low light capabilities.

NAB2009 Show 6

Welcome back to the special presentation of WEVA On the Air recorded at NAB 09. We are continuing on to part 3 of a 3 part series recorded at the WEVA get together. This session John Zale, the Director of Education continues to describe the many benefits of WEVA membership introducing chairman of the newest WEVA committee on Interns, Joseph Blackwell who talk about using Interns, next up WEVA Hall of Fame inductee Chris Chiboucos the chairperson of the WEVA Ethics committee who discusses the work of the committee and reminds people that the WEVA Creative Excellence Awards deadline is coming up. Our final sponsor Adobe's representative, Dennis Radke, talks about the new features of Adobe CS4. Due to time constraints we have taken the liberty of editing out the prize drawings but there were many!

Want to download these shows for your iPod/mp3 Player?

Click Here to Download a Zip File containing all 6 NAB2009 Podcasts in MP3 Format

Show 5
WEVA's The Studio That Sells - Roland Systems featuring Edirol
Download Show 5 Podcast

Frank George of Roland Systems discusses new Edirol products for enhancing your studio and on-site event recordings - featuring the R-44 portable field recorder that Roland showcased in WEVA's wedding video "Studio That Sells!" the 1,500 sq. ft. pavilion presented by WEVA & PMA last month in Las Vegas during WEVA’s Wide World of Weddings & Events at PMA 08.

Show 4
WEVA's The Studio That Sells - Share Your Videos Securely with Motionbox
Download Show 4 Podcast

Liz Hughs, VP for Development at Motionbox talks about how Motionbox provides wedding videographers and their clients with a safe, secure environment to watch, edit and share video. Learn about special privacy settings that (unlike YouTube) allow you to control who views your video. Motionbox also ensures an environment with no unrelated or inappropriate videos on the page, and no Google (or other) ads either. Liz describes how easy it is to share what you want with whom you want. Plus learn about the company’s new FLIPBOOKS, one of the hottest new add-ons for videographers and digital imagers.

Show 3
WEVA's The Studio That Sells - MF Digital’s CD/DVD Automated Duplicators
Download Show 3 Podcast

Listen in as John McGrath, Sales Manager for MF Digital talks about "The Scribe" - CD DVD Automated Duplicator with Printing; "The RipStation" CD & DVD Automated Ripping System; and "DVD Rocket" which streams live video to the DVD Duplicator. The Scribe is a production station for automated CD and DVD duplication and printing. The Rip Station is a fully automated CD and DVD ripping system that makes it easier to media-shift content to multimedia home entertainment systems. Learn how MF Digital has standardized the metadata grabbing of CD music and DVD videos which produces accurate and consistent metadata for any home entertainment system. DVD Rocket, an advanced DVD authoring system, allows for live video streams directly to the duplicator. Discover how DVD menu creation on-the-fly, coupled with pre-formatted themes (weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries) now makes professional DVD production easier than ever.

Show 2
WEVA's The Studio That Sells - JVC's HD Camcorder Products
Download Show 2 Podcast

JVC’s Steve Milley talks about the new JVC line of HD camcorders. As Steve describes camera capabilities, Kathy & Al discuss uses for 24P as well as 30P and 60P. Are you aiming for a "film look"? Want to stream video? Or just want to create a special camera style? Here’s where you’ll discover what to use when. Learn the advantages of shooting with tape and a hard drive back-up, and the importance of monitoring HD output.

Show 1
WEVA's The Studio That Sells - ImageSpan’s CurbStream and New LicenseStream for WEVA Members
Download Show 1 Podcast | iPhone

Kathy and Al talk with Tony Argenas and Peter Avildsen of ImageSpan, a WEVA Strategic Partner whose revolutionary online platforms CurbStream and LicenseStream offer exclusive business benefits for WEVA Members. Learn the difference between the two systems: How CurbStream is providing WEVA videographers with local weekday shoots that require little to no editing, and how to sign up (at no charge) to get work in your area; and how LicenseStream is a new way to easily upload your video to license it for local, national, even worldwide use by others and make money from your own stock footage vault.

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