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In today’s economy, the price of everything matters. Regardless of the actual cost, WEVA International recommends that the value of your wedding video be a greater priority. The lasting quality of your own wedding movie, which can be preserved for many years on DVD, will prove to be a priceless treasure for you and your family.

With that perspective in mind, WEVA suggests shopping just as carefully for your video as for any other service being provided on your wedding day. Professional videographers now book popular dates as much as a year, or more, in advance. And while your wedding will be enjoyed by all of your guests, your wedding movie is one of the few elements of the wedding that you, your family, and your children can take pleasure in for many, many years to come.

Prices for professional wedding videography will vary as widely as prices for professional photography. Informal WEVA surveys have shown pricing as low as about $1000, while the upper-end of the price scale can reach $10,000 and higher. More than ever, Time, Talent and Technology mark the difference between videos, and between professional videographers.

Equal parts of Time, Talent and Technology are essential ingredients in producing a professional wedding movie that will be enjoyed by everyone. Your videographer may spend an entire day with you and your guests in order to capture the wedding. The professional editing process frequently takes many hours of work to create that beautiful, finished wedding movie.

A talented videographer is one who combines their own skills and experiences with the continuing education available through WEVA, and other sources, to deliver those amazing wedding day memories.

The digital revolution of the past few years has allowed professional videographers the opportunity to acquire the tools that put their finished programs on par with the best that you’ll see on television, or in the movies. Digital video (discussed elsewhere in this section), especially when combined with DVD, allows for nearly flawless recording and playback of your wedding movie.

With professional wedding videography, as with so many other things in life, you usually do get what you pay for. Many wedding industry experts (including Deborah McCoy, author of The Elegant Wedding and the Budget-Savvy Bride) suggest budgeting approximately the same amount for both videography and still photography. Your own eyes and ears will allow you to judge which professional videographer will be your best choice.


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