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- Produced by Trisha & Mark Von Lanken

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- Assorted photos of the event

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- Kathy & Al Ritondo of WedVidTalk.com Podcasted direct from Sacramento!

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Pre-Production at the Julia Morgan House. We visit the Bridal Prep location, tour the house and meet the people who are going to make the magic happen tomorrow. We talk with Dave Williams, David Robin and Trisha VonLanken to find out what they are expecting.

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Pre-Production at the Capitol Building. We visit the site where the Bride and Groom will see each other for the first time, where the photography will happen and an attempt will be made to do a matrix style dove release. Finding out it is not so easy to work with Doves!

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Pre-Production at the Library Galleria. We take a walk through the ceremony and reception location. We follow along in the production meeting with the key players for tomorrow’s events. The electricity is in the air.

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Registration, set-up, rehearsals and interviews. We also get to speak to the Bride and Groom, the wedding coordinator, and the person responsible for the choosing the bride and groom from among many applicants.

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Live Bridal Prep with David Robin! At the Julia Morgan House, in a separate room, nearly 100 videographers look on as David shoots the bridal prep. We see his two cameras’ output on one screen, while a birds-eye view of the room is seen from another robotic camera. All the while, we hear David’s direction from a wireless he wears. Some reactions from attendees at the end.

  Click to Listen to Podcast #6 - 48 Minutes

GlideCam presentation by Dave Williams on the steps of the California State Capitol! The Bride and Groom see each other for the first time in the park! Martix setup and eventual dove release directed by Eric Leas. Comments from the croud.

  Click to Listen to Podcast #7 - 35 Minutes

The evening Record Breaking Ceremony! We visit with many videographers before the ceremony. You can feel the excitement in the air! Ceremony begins. Great introduction from the Judge/officiant. Wrap-up with the Bride and Groom! Trisha and Mark VonLanken edit and display their Same-Day-Edit to all! The responses from the Bride and Groom are priceless!!!

  Click to Listen to Podcast #8 - 45 Minutes

The Day 2 Workshops and wrap-up. We talk with: David Robin, Kris Malandruccolo, Phil Sheffield, David Pinetti and Robert Guerra. Jack Hutchinson on some of the uses for I-Rivers and Giant Squid microphones on the wedding day. Interview with Eric Leas, the Matrix Coordinator. A final wrap-up with Mike Jensen.

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