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ImageSpan & Adobe Announce Simple Video/Photo Image Licensing
October 09, 2007

Sausalito, CA - ImageSpan™ Inc., the first comprehensive licensing and billing automation platform for digital media, today announced that it is making LicenseStream, its simple-to-use content licensing service, available to professional and user-gen creators in a revolutionary new way. ImageSpan will offer the subscription-based service to more than 100 million designers around the world who use the popular Creative Suite® 3 software from Adobe® Systems.

Now any digital content creator can use ImageSpan’s LicenseStream platform to define rights to their work and then sell that work online without paperwork, pricing hassles or middlemen. LicenseStream enables content creators to cut licensing costs by up to 90 percent and focus on what they do best: create innovative, powerful content and get that content to market as fast as possible.

ImageSpan has made it possible for LicenseStream subscribers to access the platform directly from Adobe Bridge CS3, the easy-to-use media manager that lets Adobe Creative Suite 3 users transfer media they have created from one program to another. Subscriptions to the LicenseStream platform will start at $39.95 per year.

LicenseStream enables content creators to define extensive licensing terms before distributing their content on the Web. With a single click, any advertiser, social network or content developer can see licensing information and initiate a Web-based licensing transaction without lawyers and phone calls. Currently, billions of dollars of content licensing transactions occur every year but most of these are time-consuming and inefficient, taking place offline because the process has never before been successfully automated. With LicenseStream, the entire licensing process becomes completely transparent, avoiding liability, copyright infringement and transaction settlement headaches.

“We are excited to offer this extremely valuable add-on to the Adobe Creative Suite 3 user base,” said Iain Scholnick, chief executive officer, ImageSpan. “We are bringing licensing-with-a-click – a simple, intuitive approach to sophisticated content licensing – to millions of creative professionals around the world. This offering uniquely positions ImageSpan to become the platform-of-choice for intellectual property licensing worldwide.”

The Adobe Flash®-based application puts licensing and transaction control back into the hands of creative professionals, seamlessly guiding them through the content licensing and billing process and empowering them to define licensing parameters, as well as price and license content.

The licensing technology developed by ImageSpan uses standards created by the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) that simplify the process of granting, obtaining and managing the permissions necessary to use photographs and illustrations.

“Creative professionals require efficient methods to both license and manage their digital art and other content,” said Kevin Connor, senior director of product management, Adobe Systems. “The ImageSpan technology uses the PLUS Standard to enable licensing and facilitates the free flow of content and commerce from within the Creative Suite experience. We want our customers to have access to solutions that positively impact their businesses and ultimately, protect their work.”

Cutting-edge advertisers and media companies are already taking advantage of ImageSpan’s licensing platform through CurbStream, an ImageSpan service that provides on-demand access to thousands of local videographers and photographers in virtually every community in the country.

These videographers and photographers shoot and then upload raw local area content for any advertising or video content network via ImageSpan’s easy-to-use interface. The content is then immediately rights cleared and licensable for use.

About ImageSpan

ImageSpan is a Licensing and Revenue Automation platform for digital content running as a managed service. The company independently offers a comprehensive suite of applications and tools for use with the licensing of all types of digital media, connecting buyers and sellers to find, buy and legally settle royalty payments in minutes, rather than months. ImageSpan is a trusted solution provider and the exclusive license automation provider to the PLUS Coalition, the global standards organization for the image licensing industries. For more information, please go to www.ImageSpan.com or call 415.259.4529.

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Join WEVA online today to access valuable WEVA membership benefits that can help you succeed in your business, including new opportunities through ImageSpan's LicenseStream and CurbStream programs, plus low-cost Visa/MasterCard Merchant Status, Equipment Insurance, E&O Insurance, the new Equipment Financing Program, WEVA NEWS MINUTE videos, WEVA On-The-Air podcasts, and more. Membership also provides opportunities for professional videographer (MPV) accreditation, and system-training at WEVA EXPO 2008 our industry’s biggest international convention and trade show. For more information contact the association at 941-923-5334 or email: info@weva.com

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