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Be Part of World History; Register Now for the World Record Wedding Video Shoot!
January 16, 2006

Sarasota, FL - Be a part of world history! Professional videographers can now register for “The World Record Wedding Video Event” and secure their place in recording history when the event unfolds in Sacramento, CA next month.
Registration is already underway on the WEVA website at the WEVA Institute section (click here) as a special feature of the 2006 WEVA Institute program schedule.

Originated by the Sacramento Professional Videographers Association (SPVA) and co-sponsored by the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA), “The World Record Wedding Video Event” will set a new world record next month for the number of cameras to professionally videotape an actual wedding ceremony.

Special behind-the-scenes segments of the event will be streamed on WEVA-TV at www.weva.com.

The record-setting event will be videotaped at the beautiful Library Galleria in Sacramento, CA on Wednesday, February 15, 2006. Professional development workshops, including a focus on this incredible production from behind-the-scenes, and the inaugural screening of the event’s “Same Day Edit,” produced by WEVA International members, will be presented in conjunction with the record-setting camera coverage.

“'The World Record Wedding Video Event' will offer a unique combination of cutting-edge education for videographers and worldwide promotion of professional wedding videography,” said WEVA International’s Director of Educational Development John Zale.

“Limited to 100 professional videographers, this world record-setter will feature well over 100 cameras. It will be a landmark event for both the professional bridal industry and the professional wedding video industry,” said SPVA President Mike Jensen. “The local and national media coverage, including international streaming of this special event promises to bring wedding videography tremendous publicity. And, videographers will be able to promote their own experience in this history-making event."

In describing the amazing camera set-ups that will be utilized, Jensen noted the Galleria is a “huge, beautiful room that will allow us to place a large majority of the cameras in the wrap-around balcony above and behind the guests. Others cameras will be placed in traditional positions on the main floor in the rear and on the sides. We will use the GrizzlyPro remote cams unobrusively behind the altar. A rack of HD cams will be placed at the far side of the room as a camera comparison. And yes, there will be cameras at the altar.”

Proving just how small and unobtrusive today’s video cameras have become, Jensen added that, “SuperCircuits is donating their incredible spycams – each one no bigger than the size of a wireless lapel microphone, and miniature recorders to hide in the bridal bouquet and on the groom’s lapel. All camera locations will be pre-positioned, and all but a few will be on tripods. All videographers will be dressed in black. While ceremony guests will certainly notice video cameras are present, I think many will be amazed at just how unobtrusive, and silent, the newest video recording gear has become -- especially the spycams! Our biggest concern regarding any type of distraction during the ceremony may very well be the noise and flash from the still photographer’s gear. TV News cams will be assigned to a 'press box' area near the rear.”

Professional videographers who participate in this two-day event (February 15-16), featuring the record-setting coverage and post-event analysis of production techniques the day after, will not only experience a true, once-in-a-lifetime event but will also:

· Be part of an historical video production of a real wedding ceremony, joining with fellow videographers from around the country for this world record event.

· Receive a complete DVD of the final edited wedding day, including a special bonus section featuring behind-the-scenes footage.

· Receive a "World Record Wedding Video Event" production shirt to be worn the day of the event.

· Attend optional video seminars before, during, and after the Wedding Ceremony, including going behind-the-scenes on the live Bridal Prep. See how the Glidecam is used to create a unique Photo Shoot segment.

· Compare HD and SD footage of the wedding ceremony. Attend an interactive panel discussion to evaluate the record-setting coverage -- and discuss with the event Editor the challenges anticipated in tackling the incredible task of editing a 200+ camera ceremony.

· Watch a “Same Day Edit” of the event in progress and see the finished video at the same time that it is screened for the wedding guests.

· Attend, on the following day, an optional workshop that will take you through the steps needed to produce a "Same Day Edit" and learn how this exciting turnaround concept can boost your own business.

· Network with dedicated and talented wedding videographers from around the country.

· Receive a WEVA/SPVA Certificate of Participation with the official World Record Wedding Video Event seal.

Additional world records will also be set, including the record for the smallest video camera (hidden in a bouquet), and the most professional videographers to videotape an actual wedding ceremony. Other special elements planned for the world record event will be announced shortly.

“We expect the true story of ‘The World Record Wedding Video Event’ will be about the convergence of cutting-edge technology and extraordinary video artistry,” Jensen said. “In developing this unique video concept, we realized the tremendous educational value to participating wedding videographers. Virtually all of the seminars will be live as the wedding couple proceed through the day. We believe we have gathered some of the nation’s most talented weddding videographers as both participants and presenters.”

This special wedding video event and post-production analysis of techniques promises to be a truly breathtaking event that will be talked about for a lifetime.

If you are a serious wedding videographer you won’t want to miss being a part of this team effort. Participation is limited and on a first-come basis. Register today for this special world record wedding shoot at www.wevainstitute.com

# # #

WEVA News is a service of the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA). The world's largest trade association for professional wedding and event videographers, WEVA International is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of videographers worldwide through continuing education, technical support, group benefits, advocacy committees and professional development training. For more information regarding professional videography and WEVA International activities and membership, including Wedding & Event Video Expo 2006 (August 2006) contact the association office at 941-923-5334 or email: info@weva.com

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