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Get Fresh Ideas & Insights from New 'WEVA at PMA 08' Podcasts
March 10, 2008

Sarasota, FL - Keep up on new wedding and event video trends and technology even when you’re in traffic or working-out. Use your WEVA membership advantages to download and listen to exclusive WEVA On-The-Air Podcasts for new industry insights 24/7. Even if you're not yet a member, you'll get fresh ideas from WEVA's new all-access section of "Special Edition" podcasts now online (see midway below).

WEVA Members may use their personal WEVA Forums ID to access WEVA On-The-Air podcasts, produced by show hosts Kathy & Al Ritondo, including podcasts recorded on-site in WEVA's wedding video "Studio That Sells!" the 1,500 sq. ft. pavilion presented by WEVA & PMA last month in Las Vegas during WEVA’s Wide World of Weddings & Events at PMA 08.

Listen or download at www.weva.com/weva_on_air.php

Tech Talk – Show 19 (37 min.) The Future of DVD with Bruce Nazarian

Kathy and Al interview DVD expert and DVD Association president Bruce Nazarian - a featured speaker at WEVA/PMA 08 - about the best delivery system for wedding videographers today – and what’s ahead for the future.

In The Biz – Show 28 (21 min.) Wedding Video Marketing That Sells featuring VHVideo.com

David Hohenthaner and Maureen Taylor of Florida’s VHVideo.com, multi-year WEVA Creative Excellence Award winners and featured speakers at WEVA/PMA 08, talk about their transition to HD; How they designed their studio to sell HD; Delivery on Blu-ray and marketing wedding video services using “video email.” Learn how this successful Tampa Bay area wedding video company sells encoding as an add-on; how they market using YouTube, cell phones, iPods, and more.

In The Biz – Show 29 (29 min.) Corporate Video To Go! with Eugene DiFrancesco

WEVA featured speaker Eugene DiFrancesco of EugeneWorks.com talks about breaking into corporate video, equipment for today’s shoots, business networking that works, how to get cable commercials, developing client relationships, writing for the shoot; marketing with CD business cards, and streaming video. Plus, Euge share techniques he presented during WEVA’s ground-breaking “Mock Wedding LIVE” presentation at WEVA/PMA 08 – including tips for lighting on a no-frills budget.

In The Biz – Show 30 (38 min.) Close-Up With John and Chip Goolsby

Kathy and Al interview WEVA Wedding & Event Videography Hall of Fame inductee and Bob LeBar Vision Award recipient John Goolsby and his son Chip. Both have achieved WEVA’s Merited Professional Videographer (MPV) accreditation status and have been featured speakers at WEVA EXPO. Listen in as they discuss the impact of WEVA’s Wide World of Weddings & Events at PMA 08 where John was a WEVA featured presenter. Get inspiring insights into the value of intra-industry networking, the huge pay-off from continuing your education in video, the HD transition, and the future of professional videography.

In The Biz – Show 31 (54 min.) Bridal Elegance Videos with Mike Nelson

Listen now as Bridal Elegance production pioneer, WEVA Hall of Fame inductee, WEVA Creative Excellence Award winner, and Merited Professional Videographer (WEVA-MPV), Mike Nelson owner of Utah’s Remember When Videos talks about creativity and techniques in producing Bridal Elegance Videos – the popular wedding video add-on. Get the back-story of how Mike started producing then teaching Bridal Elegance techniques and how it’s influenced his WEVA award-winning productions today. Learn about the different styles in Bridal Elegance Videos and what makes them so distinctive. Hear Mike discuss his “Reality Sell” and how it can turn wedding clients into repeat clients for a lifetime. Discover the new video products he’s now offering to brides (grooms, too!) and the unique ways that he markets them.

In The Biz – Show 32 (20 min.) Same-Day Edit Workflow on Mac & PC Platforms with Natalie Neal & David Robin

Award-Winning wedding videographers Natalie Neal of Glass Slipper Productions, Co-Director of WEVA’s Local Association Ambassador Program, and David Robin WEVA Wedding & Event Videography Hall of Fame inductee and owner of David Robin Films discuss techniques for enhancing workflow for Same-Day Edits. Both admit SDEs are not for the faint of heart, and discuss why they produce them, sell them, and keys for greater SDE success – including the details, like pre-production, set-up, shooting, editing, and the ideal time to screen your SDE. Learn why (and how) top-selling wedding videographers are offering SDE productions to more and more clients.


Not yet a WEVA Member? You can still listen-in to an all-new series of WEVA On-The-Air “Special Edition” podcasts recorded on-site from WEVA's Studio That Sells! at PMA 08 last month.

Go to www.weva.com/weva_on_air.php to listen-in (or download) these new podcasts, produced by show hosts Kathy and Al Ritondo:

Show 5 - Roland Systems featuring Edirol

Frank George of Roland Systems discusses new Edirol products for enhancing your studio and on-site event recordings - featuring the R-44 portable field recorder that Roland showcased in the WEVA wedding video “Studio That Sells!” at PMA 08 last month.

Show 4 - Share Your Videos Securely with Motionbox

Liz Hughs, VP for Development at Motionbox talks about how Motionbox provides wedding videographers and their clients with a safe, secure environment to watch, edit and share video. Learn about special privacy settings that (unlike YouTube) allow you to control who views your video. Motionbox also ensures an environment with no unrelated or inappropriate videos on the page, and no Google (or other) ads either. Liz describes how easy it is to share what you want with whom you want. Plus learn about the company’s new FLIPBOOKS, one of the hottest new add-ons for videographers and digital imagers.

Show 3 - MF Digital’s CD/DVD Automated Duplicators

Listen in as John McGrath, Sales Manager for MF Digital talks about “The Scribe” - CD DVD Automated Duplicator with Printing; “The RipStation” CD & DVD Automated Ripping System; and “DVD Rocket” which streams live video to the DVD Duplicator. The Scribe is a production station for automated CD and DVD duplication and printing.

The Rip Station is a fully automated CD and DVD ripping system that makes it easier to media-shift content to multimedia home entertainment systems. Learn how MF Digital has standardized the metadata grabbing of CD music and DVD videos which produces accurate and consistent metadata for any home entertainment system. DVD Rocket, an advanced DVD authoring system, allows for live video streams directly to the duplicator. Discover how DVD menu creation on-the-fly, coupled with pre-formatted themes (weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries) now makes professional DVD production easier than ever.

Show 2 - JVC's HD Camcorder Products

JVC’s Steve Milley talks about the new JVC line of HD camcorders. As Steve describes camera capabilities, Kathy & Al discuss uses for 24P as well as 30P and 60P. Are you aiming for a "film look"? Want to stream video? Or just want to create a special camera style? Here’s where you’ll discover what to use when. Learn the advantages of shooting with tape and a hard drive back-up, and the importance of monitoring HD output.

Show 1 - ImageSpan’s CurbStream and New LicenseStream for WEVA Members

Kathy and Al talk with Tony Argenas and Peter Avildsen of ImageSpan, a WEVA Strategic Partner whose revolutionary online platforms CurbStream and LicenseStream offer exclusive business benefits for WEVA Members. Learn the difference between the two systems: How CurbStream is providing WEVA videographers with local weekday shoots that require little to no editing, and how to sign up (at no charge) to get work in your area; and how LicenseStream is a new way to easily upload your video to license it for local, national, even worldwide use by others and make money from your own stock footage vault.

About Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA)

Founded over a decade ago, WEVA International is the world's largest trade association for professional wedding and event videographers and leads the field with education that's on the cutting-edge of industry developments. WEVA is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of videographers globally through continuing education at events such as Wedding & Event Video Expo and WEVA's Wide World of Weddings & Events, technical support, group benefits, advocacy committees, new media, including Wedding & Event Videography Resource Guide, plus WEVA NEWS MINUTE videos, WEVA On-The-Air Podcasts, and streaming video on WEVA-TV.

Join WEVA online today to access valuable WEVA membership benefits that can help you succeed in your business, including new opportunities through ImageSpan's LicenseStream and CurbStream programs, plus low-cost Visa/MasterCard Merchant Status, Equipment Insurance, Liability Insurance, new Equipment Financing Program, WEVA NEWS MINUTE videos, WEVA On-The-Air podcasts, and more. Membership also provides opportunities for professional videographer (MPV) accreditation, and system-training at WEVA EXPO 2008 our industry’s biggest international convention and trade show. For more information contact the association at 941-923-5334 or email: info@weva.com

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