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WEVA News Minute: Panacope Projection Makes Dreams Reality
July 25, 2005

Sarasota, FL - If you’re like many videographers you’re watching or creating 3D animations continuously. But now, imagine standing in the middle of such 3D creations – actually immersed in them - as they swirl around and through you! A new projection enclosure called the Panoscope 360 now makes such "dreamscapes" a reality.

In this WEVA NEWS MINUTE video, shot last month at Wired’s NextFest in Chicago, producer Bruce Himmelblau talked to Panascope designer Luc Courchesne and recorded what it’s like inside the unit's inverted dome where, depending on the projected 3D images, it may seem like “Star Trek” one minute and “The Twilight Zone” the next! Take a look -- Click Here! (Allow for QuickTime download).

At a cost of over $100,000 the Panoscope 360 takes your computer
image and projects it on to the walls of its own spherical room. The effect, says Courchesne, is intense as you are fully immerged into the 3D environment that it creates.

A 3-axis joystick placed at the center of the viewing platform will let you and up to seven others with you fly through space as in dreams. Connected to the dome is a series of 12 small transducers for producing a hyper-realistic 3D soundscape and a truly surreal "sound and light" experience.

A DV camera is used for incorporating live telepresence and other live video input, which means at any moment, visitors may come upon other beings. They may be live ones through the unit’s telepresence connection or pre-recorded “portraits” connected to the immediate context of the visitor experience. Visitors may even encounter “themselves” when the Panascope’s hidden cameras are used to project their own 3D image into the circular environment.

The Panascope 360 is a single-channel immersive display (5.5m in diameter, 3m high, free standing) that uses a conventional PC (WIN XP) and a custom-designed SXGA hemispheric projector (positioned overhead) to project in realtime a rendering onto the hemispheric screen. The Panascope screen (made of 32 fiberglass panels and aluminum parts) takes two people about two hours to assemble. In 3D projection...that's what's next!

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WEVA NEWS MINUTE videos and WEVA AUDIO MEDIA FILE highlights are a professional development resource and service of the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA). The largest trade association for professional wedding and event videographers, WEVA International is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of videographers worldwide through continuing education, technical support, group benefits, advocacy committees and professional development training. For more information regarding professional videography and WEVA International activities and membership, including the 15th Annual Wedding & Event Video Expo 2005 (August 8-11, 2005 at the Las Vegas Hilton) visit www.weva.com/expo2005, or contact the association office at 941-923-5334 or email: info@weva.com

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