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Local Association Development
For many years, WEVA has been at the forefront of the growth and development of Local Videographers Associations. A vital part of WEVA's committment to Local Associations has been providing assistance in the start-up process. WEVA has developed a Local Association kit, which is just one of the tools available to members trying to start groups in their area.

One of the WEVA Forums is dedicated for local association use, and links from the WEVA web site, to Local Association web sites, are available. To enhance communication between Local Association leaders, WEVA hosts Local Association leaders meetings each year.

Ethics Committee
Situations occasionally arise that require an unbiased perspective, for help in arriving at a fair resolution. The Ethics Committee has provided assistance with member-to-member disputes, as well as with client/member difficulties.

Public Relations Committee
A fair and accurate portrayal of wedding videographers in the media is vital to WEVA. The Public Relations Committee brings the WEVA message to the bridal press, the mainstream media, and to wedding industry informational web sites.

Special Awards Committee
In addition to the Creative Excellence Awards, which recognize individual artistic achievement, WEVA has several dedicated awards:

The Walter Bennett Service to Industry Award, named in memory of of a video pioneer from Oklahoma, was introduced in 1999. This honors the WEVA member who, through donation of time; through service to fellow videographers by teaching or writing; by service in a local association or on a national level; strives for exemplary professionalism that lights a pathway for other videographers to follow.

The Bob LeBar Vision Award was introduced in 2000, and is named in memory of the ground-breaking video animator from Long Island, New York. This award honors the WEVA member who has made innovative contributions to the development of the professional event video community. The winner will have advanced unique ideas, invoked a keen sense of entrepreneurial spirit, and, combined with a strong sense of professional pride, "raised the bar" for everyone.

The WEVA Hall of Fame
This concept was actually introduced at WEVA Expo 2000, with a "Tools and Technology" exhibit. A popular feature at that Expo, the exhibit showcased video equipment from as far back as the mid-to-late 1970's, including open reel video recorders and single tube cameras. The following year, at WEVA EXPO 2001, WEVA inducted the first individuals whose contributions to the wedding and event video industry nurtured its growth.


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