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WEVA's NEW Video Content Licensing System-FREE to All Members

Imagespan's LicenseStream, a subscription-based content licensing service a $110 yearly system, offers a revolutionary new way to license content in minutes anytime, anywhere and drive revenues by speeding the pace of transactions. With a few mouse clicks, videographers and content creators may upload, register, describe, define rights to their work and then license that work online without paperwork, pricing hassles or middlemen. weva

LicenseStream also helps WEVA members collect royalties while cutting traditional licensing costs by up to 90% AND it also protects your Demos and posted content as well!
Visit: http://www.licensestream.com/weva to learn More....and please view http://www.licensestream.com/wevagallery to see what other members have uploaded to begin earning money for their valuable content.

*Special WEVA Member & New Member LicenseStream Incentive..

$110 Value!

WEVA has provided Free of charge to all members a 2 GIG Pro Account. WEVA members Register here: https://www.licensestream.com/LicenseStream/registration/wevaRegister.aspx weva

WEVA's 'Members Only' Online Job System

With the Imagespan's LicenseStream Production (formerly "Curbstream") system, WEVA members have been receiving job orders for shooting video content from Advertising Agencies and clients based on their zip code locations to upload and be paid online. This is the weekday work you have been waiting for. As a WEVA Member, you can register to become a part of this growing "Rich Media" revolution as all brands are finding a need for video content to enhance their products and services.
Visit: http://www.curbstream.com/ & http://www.takkle.com/rankings/basketball to view some sample content WEVA members have earned money for shooting.

"My hat's off to ImageSpan and WEVA for enabling CurbStream to match up videographers with corporate work. It works for us!" Shelly Wilson
"WEVA's CurbStream program gives all of us opportunities during the week that we may never have had the chance to do. And, as a musician, this assignment was a dream come true!" Eugene DiFrancesco

Members-Only Web Site & Forums

As a member, you're invited to participate in WEVA's informative, online Forums at www.weva.com. You'll discover new creative ideas and production techniques plus answers to challenging business, technological and system-specific questions. And as you interact with other professionals, newbies and teachers from around the world, you can be free from the impersonal and often "off-topic" online forums as WEVA moderates the discussions to remain on target and educational top all members.

"I joined WEVA early this year and between the WEVA forums, and the podcasts, I've already learned so much. My husband and I are going to attend the EXPO and I want to get as much out of it as possible." Ashley Beem
"The WEVA Forums and the information on the website, helped me to develop WEVA Tech Tips TV. The reality is, when you need information it may be in the middle of a project or the night, so I encourage all members to use this invaluable resource every day,...I do!" Scot Sheely

The WEVA website is open to all visitors and is built to help educate all who search for more information on the wedding & event videography industry. As a member you will have a password that will allow you to visit our exclusive Members' Only Section that contains updated educational, equipment, technology and other breaking news that directly affects our business. Listed are a few areas you can visit only as a member:

WEVA TV: You can view actual video content and demo information on-line that includes exclusive articles and features that connect to video you can watch in the members-only section of WEVA-TV in the WEVA Forums.

The WEVA Video Gallery: View videos and Nat-Chats from all major events, tours, meetings and shared content from other members, exclusive to WEVA Members.

WEVA On-The-Air Podcasts: Listen to interviews, expert advice, pertinent industry developments, manufacturers and software gurus as they share insights and secrets of their products and how they can help your business.

WEVA Tech Tips TV: View information on many topics that will help you in your business. Why do the research, when you can tune in to WEVA's WT3 and learn in the comfort of your desk chair

"I really enjoy your short one minute clips of news items and products. I would like to see more. They really put the information in an easy to reach one-stop place. Thank you for being WEVA. You're the best. The clips are great!" Bob Burgess
"New to the business, our first wedding is in two weeks. We're doing it for free for the experience and for the demo material. Your podcast have made a world of difference in helping us prepare for this wedding. Thank you for all of the great information." Joe Woolbright

WEVA's "ZOOM" Music Licensing System

You can now participate in the industry's first and only music licensing system and as a professional producer in the United States or Canada who uses music in the production of wedding and event videos, photo presentations and other related productions, you are now able to license the rights to use copyrighted music from the artists you choose at a price you can afford! The ZOOM License Platform makes it possible.

With the expanding world of digital production in video, photography, and other media, you need to be sure that you and your clients are using music that is properly licensed. ZOOM allows you to license copyrighted music of your choice easily and efficiently for a single production at fees of just $3.50 per song. This includes a WEVA member discount of two dollars per song!

Major publishing companies such as EMI Music Publishing, Warner Chappell and Universal Music Publishing Group and record labels such as K-Tel and Silva Screen have already cleared original and popular music for use through the ZOOM License Platform, with more songs are being cleared every month. Already over 3,500 songs are ready to license today! www.ZOOMLicense.com

"Thanks WEVA. I downloaded the song list and will review it soon. I am excited about this great new service and to watch it grow in content." Paul Friedman

WEVA with United Funding, LLC Offers Financing to Members

Low-cost Equipment Financing Program is available exclusively for WEVA members through WEVA Partner-ILA, offering you a 2% rebate (up to $1,000) on the total cost of your equipment. This program is designed to help WEVA members purchase the equipment and fund their business at reasonable rates and is a business loan and will not show on your personal credit. weva
"United Funding, LLC Associates has been a blessing to our business. They have provided to us the funds we needed to purchase equipment necessary for us to expand. Thank you WEVA for partnering with United Funding, LLC!" Aaron Thomas

WEVA and Elavon Credit Card Merchant Status Program

As our business grows and the advent of online purchasing continues, it is now more important than ever to insure that you are paid for your work. WEVA has worked with Elavon (formerly NOVA) for years to perfect a merchant credit system that gives our members protection, ease of use and member value. Now as Elavon increases the services offered, WEVA members will again, keep their money in their pockets with savings.

*Special WEVA Member Merchant Values:

If you join WEVA you will receive the following member savings from Elavon:
  • Member swipe rate of 1.80% (Industry standard- 1.89%)
  • Member transaction fee of $.08 (Industry standard- $.025)
  • Member monthly minimum of $0 (Industry standard- $25.00)
  • Statement Fee of $1.50 (Industry standard- $12.00)
  • Member annual fee $0 (Industry standard- $.075 per)
  • Member Batch Header Fee $0 (Industry standard- $.030 per)
Save Money as a WEVA Member!

Complete Business Insurance Coverage through Buell Agency

There are many benefits to WEVA International members when they choose to participate in the Equipment /General Liability insurance program offered through WEVA International. Besides low cost, they get an array of coverage designed exclusively for the professional videographer and when shopping on your own, you will find that you can save up to 20% because of the WEVA group buying power...and that's money in your pocket. And...by working with the association....you have one central toll free phone number to request certificates of insurance, report claims or have general insurance questions.

In this day and age, you need to protect your equipment, which is your life-line to earning a living, Buell Insurance group has worked with WEVA members for over 11 years providing benefits like: full 'replacement cost" for lost or stolen equipment....helping you with leased and rented equipment, along with newly acquired equipment, (subject to policy terms and conditions)...computer and media coverage (including computer virus)... valuable tapes/disk (media) coverage...higher general liability limits of $2,000,000

Why Errors and Omissions Coverage? Quite simply...Your clients can sue you for negligence in providing professional services, Regardless of fault. Even frivolous lawsuits can incur significant defense costs. How much can you afford to pay to defend the good name of your business? $10,000 or $100,000? Professionals are being held to a higher standard of care than ever before General Liability policies exclude professional services. Errors and Omissions Insurance is the only way to protect your company Buell has developed the policy for WEVA members that includes $0 deductible....Defense Costs outside the Limit of Liability for select classes...Duty to Defend Wording and acts caused by your independent contractors covers you.

Now, WEVA Latino members can enjoy coverage as well.
Coverage is available in the states for all WEVA Latino members at huge discount rates. All information is available in Spanish!

Exclusive Member Programs:

Creative Excellence Competition Awards
Showcase your most innovative work at the Annual WEVA Creative Excellence Awards. It's your opportunity to be honored for outstanding creativity in professional wedding and event videography. Use your WEVA membership discount to enter your best work in the largest and most prestigious competition in the industry.
WEVA Institute Training
Receive discounted admission to in-depth, system-specific training on new software and hardware at WEVA Institute workshops scheduled around the country. Receive a discount to attend as a WEVA member.
The WEVA Merited Professional Videographer Program
Improve your skills and distinguish yourself from the competition with The WEVA Merited Professional Videographer (MPV) program for advanced videographers. Written and Video Tests will determine your level.

"I actually joined WEVA because of the MPV program, and now that I have attained MPV status, I love being a member of WEVA and I thank you for starting such a great organization. I've met some wonderful people and I learn more and more about our craft, as well as the business side of video every time I attend the Expo. I'm already looking forward to next year." Todd Gukelberger, MPV

Education and Training through WEVA Institute and the WEVA Store

Industry Resources

  • Access hundreds of resources on the WEVA Web site www.weva.com. Including WEVA TV, Industry News, Podcasts, Interviews, Live Videos and other important information to help your business grow
  • Receive educational resources, such as business contracts templates and model release forms (available at no charge)
  • View video footage of WEVA logo and the printable/downloadable image for use on promotional materials
  • Get the WEVA Local Association Start-Up Kit (available at no charge)
  • WEVA is the only video organization that commissions a Nationwide Survey of Brides to evaluate professional wedding videography
  • The WEVA Downloads section offers special reports and features on how videographers are achieving greater success with weddings and events
  • The online WEVA Store Discounts the price of instructional DVDs, books, and materials every day exclusively for WEVA members
Brides Guide and Member Programs with Leading Bridal Groups
As a WEVA member you will be partnered with the nation's leading bridal media groups. We have been working for years to upgrade professional wedding videography. Brides.com, Get Married TV, The Knot.com, WeddingChannel.com, ABC and NACE have all been part of the WEVA EXPO as well as developed specific promotions and programs that have put professional wedding videography in the fore-front of brides absolute needs for that special day.
  • Access the WEVA Brides Guide's free listing of leads for weddings and production work on the WEVA Web site. Leads are posted on the Help Wanted Forum in the members-only section of the WEVA Forums

To Join WEVA go to: www.weva.com email: info@weva.com or call: 941.923.5334


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