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Banner Specifications FAQ's

For information on Banner Advertising Rates, please contact the WEVA International Webmaster at admin@weva.com.

Q: How often can I change my banner ad?
You can change your banner as often as you like.

Q: Is there a charge to change my banner ad?
Yes and No. You can have a banner changed once for free. If you wish to change another banner, there will be an administrative charge of $20 per change.

Q: Can I use multiple banners?
Yes. Sponsors are encouraged to have three or four different looking banners in rotation at a time. This will give you a fresh appearance, help generate traffic and keep interest up.

Q: Will my banner link to my Web Site?
The banner will link to the Web address that you specify.

Q: How should we deliver the images?
Images should be e-mailed to admin@weva.com. ALternately they can be FTP'ed to ftp.managementspecialties.com with using anonymous login. Please notify us by e-mail when you do so or we can also download the images directly from the Web if you give us the URL.

Q: I need a banner created, can WEVA do this for me?
Yes. You will be billed $75/hr for Graphic Design. Most banners can be created in 1 hour.

Q: What computer file format should the banners be?
Images should be either PC format .gif or .jpg.

All banners submitted are subject to approval. WEVA International reserves the right to refuse any banner deemed inappropriate.


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